About Lewall

Better Planning for a Secure Future

Gary Williams founded Lewall Inc to provide efficient and reliable financial services for individuals, small and medium size businesses in Riverside County and surrounding areas. Gary decided to start his own business to educate the common people about credit repair, handling finances, stocks, and bonds. He also teaches about cryptocurrency.

Gary Williams

Our Team

We have a highly experienced and well-trained staff that is well-versed with all aspects of financial management. From notary, real estate, investment advice, tax preparation to bookkeeping and accounting, our specialists are dedicated to serving all your needs with utmost professionalism and integrity. We offer same-day services.


For almost five years, many of our clients have trusted us to take care of their finances so that they can focus more on their business. We strive to maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ information while providing transparent financial results at every stage.